Jah Man Rock Fall

On a heavy inversion day in early January, a massive wall of rock fell off the Sister Superior tower that made up the first pitch of the JahMan climbing route. I spotted the rockfall from our yard here in Castle Valley just after it happened and was told I was crazy by my wife. It was however confirmed a couple of days later by a local climber that hiked up through the mud and snow to see the damage first hand. My wife still isn't convinced of my almost preternatural observations of the constantly changing faces of the cliffs and monuments in the area.

In my mind, this was all the proof I needed to cement myself as a local legend. Huh, you say? That's getting a little strange even for me.

Not being a climber myself I don't feel much of a loss personally. When I made the hike up to witness the slide first hand, it was inspiring to bump into a friend, a local, who is an elite climber. He and a few pals were putting up a new route.

The damage for us hikers up there was minimal. What was once a nice shelf to walk around the base of the towers is now a loose boulder field but it's still hikeable and the view hasn't changed.


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